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Bonasus' Walnut Handlebar with built in Aluminium for extra strength.


Bonasus Walnut Handlebars

This handlebar is handcrafted from Walnut wood with elements of polished Aluminum. It has built in aluminum plate for extra strength, enabling these beautiful wood handlebars to handle the same pressure as metal handlebars. Product dimensions: Clamp size 1.0 inch (25.4 mm) Measures 18.9 inches (48.0 cm) end to end Designed for Fixed gear (Single speed) bikes Installation: Please note that it is highly recommended that the handlebar is installed only by a qualified specialist in bicycles servicing and repairs. Incorrect installation of the handlebar may result in damage of the product. Incorrect installation of the handlebar may reduce the mechanical strength characteristics of the handlebar and threaten your own safety. Please, ensure that before the installation the handlebar hanger clamping area is opened, the handlebar is added exactly in the center of the hanger clamping area and only afterwards the hanger clamping area is closed and tightened so that there are no possibilities for the handlebar to move within the hanger clamping area during the use of the handlebar. Please, note that aluminum plate must be installed perpendicular to your weight pressure, so that the visible line of aluminum is facing you. This will ensure the maximum technical strength of the handlebar equal to that of traditional handlebars.

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